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Portable Loo Flush Aqua-Kem

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Aqua Rinse. Pink Lavender 1.5ltr or Blue Fresh Scent 1ltr... Ideal for all portable toilets. Building Sites / Caravans / Events / Coaches / Aircraft. can be used to break down solids in all toilets. Aqua Rinse gives you better hygiene, cleaner flushing and a fresh lavender scent in your flush-water tank. After you use Aqua Rinse, it leaves a protective layer in the toilet bowl that prevents deposits from forming. Moreover, its lubricating action makes the blade of your waste tank easier to open and close. Aqua Rinse continues to function effectively even after freezing. Add to water tank of portable toilets, C2, C4 and C200CW. •Fluid for flush water tank •Creates smoother flush •Leaves micro-thin protective layer in bowl •Lubricates seal •Awarded with several ecological quality hallmarks •Available in 1.5L

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Blue Fresh 1ltr, Green Fresh 1 litre, Pink Fresh 1 ltr


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