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Barrier & After Work Creams

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Available in aerosol and Bell Shaped Pump dispensers. 450 mil . Description Quick drying - product developes full protection in under 30 seconds. Economical - 2000 applications per bottle, each application lasts up to 4 hours. Application Use as an preventative measure to help protect skin from irritations, dryness and dermatitis caused by solvent, paints, powders, detergents, acids, etc. Directions Apply a pea sized amount (about 1/4 ml) to clean DRY hands and rub in well, paying particular attention to sensitive areas e.g. around finger nails, broken skin, between fingers etc. The product should rub dry and become waterproof within 30 seconds, if the product is over applied skin will feel sticky, but the excess can be wiped off. Too little cream always offers more protection than a thick film which cannot dry. NOTE: The regular use of a barrier cream is not a substitute for the safe handling of hazardous materials/chemicals

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Areosol 450ml, Bell Pump Dispenser


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