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Xibu Washroom dispensers

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PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS ITEM. XIBU (Intelligent Balanced Unique) - The new wash-room generation. Sense or Touch - With the XIBU SenseFOAM and XIBU senseTOWEL dispensers you have to most hygienic form of cleaning and drying hands at your disposal. The touch-free dispensers have a smart sensor technology and are characterised by superb quality foam and precisely cut paper. Batteries or Mains - The Hagleitner system batteries are ideal for use in XIBU sense design dispensers. These batteries guarantee long durability. Alternatively you can supply your dispenser directly with a mains adaptor. XIBU - Asystem with many possibilities. Design, Efficient and sparing, Never Empty, Easy handling, Austrian quality product. Choice of decors - You walk into a wash-room and sense a pleasant atmosphere - a fresh scent is in the air, the fixtures are gleaming, and the design of the wash-room dispensers blends together with the furnishings. With the XIBU dispenser system, you can make sure that you and your guests will enjoy these pleasant moments. You can choose the decors that best fit to your wash-room concept. Steel, Ceramic, Cotton, Water. Or Choose from our Dark Decors range. Marble, Carbon, Tech, Wood.


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