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Selcare Handy

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Description One product for all hand cleaning operations. Completely free from all hydrocarbon solvents or abrasives. Mild, rich deep cleaning lather. Bouquet perfume. Highly concentrated. Highly economical and cost effective in use. Dilute up to 4 parts with water for a viscous liquid soap. Application Selcare is the complete hand cleaner. Use undiluted for heavy engineering, or equal parts with water for light engineering, or 1 part to 4 parts water for pump soap dispenser use, or 1 part to 8 with water for showers and top fill dispensers. Used by engineers, garages, transport companies, coal miners and dockers, also in public authorities, schools, offices. Directions Dilute Selcare as above depending upon the type of soil encountered. Then simply wet hands, apply a small quantity and wash in the normal way. Rinse and dry thoroughly. For heavy grease removal, apply Selcare to hands, rub in well, rinse and dry. Bulk buy discount may be available. Please contact us if you have any queries.


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