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Hand Cleaner /Pevalin Citrus Pomice 3kg

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Green in colour, Citrus based solvent free hand scrub with pomice. Heavy Duty hand cleaner removing Tar, Ink, Paint and heavy ground in dirt. Contains conditioners to prevent hands cracking. Pevalin is a unique type of hand cleanser with all of the power of solvent based beaded hand gels but is solvent free and far more user friendly. Areas of use Pevalin is suitable for a wide range of hand cleansing operations from general purpose hand cleansing to the removal of more stubborn stains like paint, printers ink or colours, dye stuffs, bitumen or oil, grease and grime. Pevalin is ideally suited to garages, maintenance workshops, paint spraying areas and general washroom use. Benefits Pevalin is solvent free, non drying, contains lanolin and emollients to project and moisturize and is exceptionally powerful on difficult or stubborn marks. Pevalin in biodegradable, pleasantly perfumed and may be used when hands are wet or dry. Pevalin offers the best of both worlds, powerful cleaning and is user. Other quantities may be available. Please contact us if you have any queries.


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