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Plastic-Wood-Steel-Ally-Aqua-Copper STIX-

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Rapid Stix are a range of solid reinforced epoxy resin putties in a hand rod format. Rapid Stix are hand kneadable and mix in one minute to provide a fast, permanent repair to a multitude of surfaces including; steel, copper, aluminium, wood, ceramics and plastics. Areas of use: Rapid Stix kits are a versatile, instant epoxy repair system consisting of Steelstix, Copperstix, Alustix, Woodstix, Plastixs and Aquqstix. The Rapid Stix kits are an ideal standby for maintenance workers, mechanics and welders. Rapid Stix kits will repair and cure in minutes effecting long lasting or temporary repairs. Benefits: Rapid Stix are versatile and easy to use. Just cut, knead and mould to effect an instant repair. Rapid Stix are light and require no special storage. Seven Stixs in a kit will fit into the smallest space and are ready to use as soon as they are needed. STIX: Available in small rod form. . 2- Part Kneadable Epoxy putty . Once mixed gives a fast putty like repair, that seals leaks and cracks... 2 colours blend into one colour putty. Very simple to use and apply...... Once cured : The repair can be DRILLED / CUT / TAPPED / FILED or Painted. Patch where you can't weld!


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