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Water resistant NUBOND

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NUBOND Mastic/ Water Adhesive Sealant that can be used underwater to seal leaks in Swimming Pools and Tanks. NEW Hybrid Polymer Sealant: Replaces Wood Adhesives / Sanitary Silicones / and Rubber sealants into 1 product White Paste Solvent free, non Toxic & Odourless. Anti Fungal Bactericidal Remains flexible, can be painted over and shrink proof. Combines the advantage of mounting, P.U. and wood adhesive, silicone and sanitary silicone sealants, acrylate and butyl rubber sealants in 1 product. Can be used to seal Caravans and mobile homes. Areas of use: For the Building Industry – Bonding of insulation, even on wet surfaces, Nu-Bond does not dissolve polystyrene foam. As a mounting adhesive for bonding of skirting boards, lathing, siding, eaves, laths, on brick, gyproc, cellular concrete, Ytong concrete, mortar, etc. Nu-Bond replaces mechanical attachments. As sealant for both wet and difficult surfaces. Does not attack natural stone like marble and granite, ideal as a sealant between windows and brickwork. Caravans & Mobile Homes Can be painted even with acrylate dispersion paints. Windows and verandas; bonding glass in synthetic aluminium profiles, bonding of adhering pieces and corner pieces in production of windows. Construction – Bonding of ferrous and non-ferrous plates on window works. Bonding of mirrors, does not attack the silver coating. Bonding of decorative panels. In the construction of elevators:- good adhesion to painted surfaces. Bonding of wooden or metal table tops. Bonding of synthetic plates and insulation in refrigerators. Bonding of characters and name plates on gravestones and shop fronts. Sealing and bonding of containers. Car Body & Garage – Bonding of body parts: steel/steel without using a primer. Joint sealant: sealing of welded and sheet metal work joints – easy to structure and to joint. Bonding of spoilers and extension kits – good adhesion on paintwork and polyester. Sealing of water leaks, can be used on wet surfaces. Bonding of several materials, excellent bonding on metal, primer, paintwork, zinc coating, aluminium, and wood, most synthetic materials. As a sanitary sealant, even on wet surfaces, does not attack acrylate. Nu-Bond is U.V. resistant, anti-fungal and bactericidal. Air Conditioning – Ventilation – Sealing of both PVC and metal tubing, excellent bonding, also on galvanised ducts. General Maintenance – As universal adhesive, bonds to most surfaces, contains no solvent, does not attack synthetic material. As universal sealant, combines the advantages of an acrylic and silicone sealant, without the disadvantages of these two products. Nu-Bond replaces: mounting, wood, and P.U. adhesive, silicone sealant, sanitary silicone sealant, acrylic sealant, butyl rubber sealant. Now 1 Product instead of 7. Easy to apply. Benefits Available in 310ml Cartridge white, black or natural. Combines the advantage of mounting, P.U. and wood adhesive, silicone and sanitary silicone sealants, acrylate and butyl rubber sealants in 1 product. Excellent properties for sealing around pools and very damp conditions


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