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-Ultra Crete 2 part reinforcement Quickset

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Ultracrete FP1 Rapid Setting Patch and Kerb Repair Ultracrete FP1 is a two-component rapid repair mortar ideal for the reinstatement of small areas such as trip hazards, kerbs and steps where prompt access is required. Can be trafficked within 2 hours, so minimising disruption Application depths from 10-100mm High strength Two-part system, comprising of a fully pre-blended cement/aggregate and a polymer modified liquid admixture Easy to mix on site Patch Repair Mortars Repair mortars that provide exceptional strength and hardness for both internal and external patch and feather applications. Our renowned Ultra Floor Patch IT rapid 45 is a rapid drying, fast set slump free mortar, providing exceptional strength, and a workable time of approximately 5-10 minutes, setting in 20-25 minutes. Combining excellent bond strengths, coverage and a multitude of application suitability, our repair mortars provide the ideal addition to any fast-track flooring project.

Product Description

Ultracrete FP1

Rapid Setting Patch and Kerb Repair


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