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Mud & Silt Remover Flocullent

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Floculent /Torrent. Will coat suspend mud & Silt in surface drains. Allowing particles to be flushed away easily. Leaves a protective coat on drainage lines to prevent further clogging. Use in all areas where surface drains start to clog with debris. Saves time and money from further digging out of drainage gullies. 5 / 25 litres Torrent is a flocculent comprising of polyelectrolytes and formaldehyde designed to prevent sand, silt, mud and clay particles from bonding together and forming blockages in drains etc. And allowing them to be easily flushed away. Areas of use Torrent should be used to treat drains where sand, silt, clay, soil, mud and other particles may build up and cause blockages or drainage problems and therefore is of benefit to quarries, potteries, brick and tile industries, sanitaryware manufacturers and plastic moulding companies. Torrent is ideal for use in water settling tanks, is fully biodegradable and does not harm effluent treatment systems. Benefits Torrent is non toxic, non flammable, fully biodegradable and even remains effective in dilutions for up to 5000:1. Torrent encapsulates each individual particle thus preventing them bonding together and causing blockages, in addition torrent also coats the surface of the pipe preventing any sediment from sticking, therefore keeping the drain free. Please contact us if you have any queries.

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