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Spray Bitumen Sealer Apex

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Bitumen and Rubber Co-Polymer based spray on waterproof sealant, easy to apply and provides a tough, flexible coating suitable for quick repairs to felt roofs, gutters or general damp proofing and can even be employed to repair or refurbish underseal on all types of vehicles. For larger areas available in trowel and brush on formats. Areas of use Apex may be used to stop or prevent leaking roofs or as a cold single-step treatment for splits, blister, tears or breaks, leaking gutters or gulleys, flashing, slate or tile damage and may also be used to form a slip joint to accommodate movement where existing roof does not have such a joint (trowel grade only). Benefits Apex contains special moisture displacing additives which allows use on wet surfaces thus eliminating the need for time wasting preparation and may even be applied through water or during heavy rain. Apex requires no mixing or priming and produces a durable seamless repair in one operation. Apex is compatible with slate, tile, felt, asbestos, metal, cement, masonry and asphalt surfaces PRICE BELOW PER UNIT. ALSO AVAILABLE IN 5 K TINS. THICK & THIN.

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500ml Spray, 5Kg Tin


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