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Care Tablets Rational

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The RATIONAL care tab for SelfCooking Center comb ovens with CareControl - The Rational range of care products have been specially formulated for use in Rational Ovens. Using Original RATIONAL care oven cleaning products means: •Best cleaning results > Powerful against dirt and limescale > Maximum productivity •Ideal long-term care > Maximum operating reliability > Optimum hygiene for healthy food •Minimum costs for cleaning and care The RATIONAL care tab for SelfCooking Center units with CareControl Highly-effective care products ensure active protection and will significantly extend the service life of your SelfCooking Center. Special scale-dissolving ingredients contained in the care tabs prevent limescale building up in the first place. Guarantees maximum operational reliability at all times without a water softener and time consuming descaling. •Type: Care Tablets •Pack Size: 100 •MFC: 56.00.562

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