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Cushions General Purpose Absorbent Cushions

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General Purpose Absorbent Cushions Our absorbent cushions can absorb liquids from the floor like a sock, trap leaks like a pan and absorb spills like a pad – many uses -- one product. They are easy to use making them ideal for any spill response situation. You can stack them up and use them like a wall of sandbags. Use them in those hard-to-reach areas – tight spaces under machines and leaky hydraulic hoses or stuff them in corners cramped for space. Or with our drip pans they provide the perfect solution to leaky drum taps Our GENERAL PURPOSE absorbents will handle any spill from many solvents to oils and common fluids (with the exception of aggressive chemicals). Packs available: x16 128 Litre (40cm x 50cm) x20 90 Litre (30cm x 35cm) x20 60 Litre (23cm x 23cm)

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128 Litre (x16), 60 Litre (x20), 90 Litre (x20)


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