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Wipes Hand Scrubbs Tuff Wipes

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Tufwipe is a P H balanced water-less hand cleaning wipe combining the quality cleaning of superior hand cleaning formulas encapsulated in a tough and durable wipe. The heavy-duty formula allows cleaning of the most ingrained dirt and will remove oil, grease, tar, adhesives, paints and dyes. Tufwipes are effective against Weils Disease (leptospira bacteria) Areas of use Tufwipes are truly multi purpose and may be used in every area of industry including engineering, vehicle repairs and bodybuilding. For outworkers such as rail and civil engineers, gardeners and groundsmen, mobile mechanics, water treatment operatives, canal & river personnel and delivery drivers, tufwipes are extremely useful, keeping hands clean and guarding against Weils Disease. Benefits Tufwipes are packed in two handy formats, 50 wipes or 100 wipes per tub. They are ideal for hand wiping and surface cleaning of tools & equipment. The non-flammable formulations make  Tufwipes safe to store and use in any environment.

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100 wipes, 50 wipes


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