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      • GCE16-GCL2-GC
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        General Purpose Absorbent Cushions Our absorbent cushions can absorb liquids from the floor like a sock, trap leaks like a pan and absorb spills like a pad – many uses -- one product. They are easy to use making them ideal for any spill response situation. You can stack them up and use them like a wall of sandbags. Use them in those hard-to-reach areas – tight spaces under machines and leaky hydraulic hoses or stuff them in corners cramped for space. Or with our drip pans they provide the perfect solution to leaky drum taps Our GENERAL PURPOSE absorbents will handle any spill from many solvents to oils and common fluids (with the exception of aggressive chemicals). Packs available: x16 128 Litre (40cm x 50cm) x20 90 Litre (30cm x 35cm) x20 60 Litre (23cm x 23cm)

      • BT2-25-2-DRUMS-small
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        2 x 25L drum tray with container stand, 64 x 49 x 12cm, 28 litres.

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        2 x 205L drum workfloor Yellow 121 litres 160 x 80 x 15cm Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this product.

      • drum-toppers-oil-only-250-p
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        Our absorbent drum pad toppers will keep your drums, and barrels, clean and protect surrounding areas. Great for absorbing drips from leaking pumps and will help keep your storage area clean too. Manufactured with a pre-cut holes and fits drums up to 56cm diameter Will only absorb oil or hydrocarbon based liquids and oils and repel water. Poly Wrapped, Plain material, 56cm diameter, X5 qty, with 5L Pack Absorbency. Other sizes or colors may be available on request. Please contact us if you have any queries. If item is not priced or you have any queries then please contact us.

      • 1065
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        Salvage Drums are versatile units that can directly contain solids and sludges with security. With a 1/2 turn push down lid, this ergonomically designed unit accepts bottles, cans, and 5 gal. pails. With the highest rating in the industry, this "pill-bottle" design sets the new bar for Overpacks. With a tough HDPE polyethylene design, it is weather and chemical resistant and can be stacked. Units are also nestable, which allows for ease of shipment. The wide mouth, rigid walls, small footprint and integral handles make it perfect for overpacking damaged containers, emergency response, secondary containment and medical and operating room waste destined for the freezer or incineration. Excellent for spillkits! Meets performance-oriented packaging requirements of US DOT and UN regulations.

      • cabinet-hazardous-1815x915mm-467-p
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        Flammable Material Storage Cabinet - 1815x915mm A robust cabinet constructed from 0.9mm thick steel, with reinforced doors designed to maintain its integrity during the early minutes of exposure to fire. To ensure access to hazardous chemicals is limited to authorized personnel, the doors are opened by a chrome handle and secured with a 2-point locking system, supplied with 2 keys for convenience. Has perforated height adjustable shelf trays to allow spillages to drain into a liquid tight sump tray. 80mm deep removable sump tray will contain any spillage. The cabinet is also fully sealed at bottom with point welding all around, to further prevent leakage at ground level. Finish: high visibility epoxy powder coated yellow and labelled to UK and European standards, with an appropriate ‘Highly Flammable’ warning label. Comply with HSG51, COSHH, DSEAR. Other sizes or colors may be available on request. Please contact us if you have any queries

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      • GBS4
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        Our General purpose absorbent booms are, probably, the best choice for most industrial and commercial applications. Our socks absorb both oil and water base liquids an non-aggressive fluids. They are easy to mould and shape around equipment and machinery. Our GENERAL PURPOSE absorbents will handle any spill from many solvents to oils and common fluids (with the exception of aggressive chemicals).

      • OLB2
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        A complete range of oil only pads, rolls, socks and toppers for use on land or water. Our Oil Only absorbents are hydrophobic, they will repel water and only absorb oil or hydrocarbon based products.

      • safety tread
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        30 kg. New Safety Tread is a natural mineral mixed and refined to provide a highly absorbent granule designed to absorb oils, fuels & solvents from any surface such as tarmac, concrete, or composition flooring. New Safety Tread will also drain out impregnated oils from workshop floors, and outdoors hard standing areas. AREAS OF USE New Safety Tread is recommended for garages, workshops, fuelling stations, oil storage depots, boiler houses, and is ideal as an emergency response spillage situation, where the spillage may be of an unknown manufacture or composition. BENEFITS New Safety Tread is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and virtually dust free. With M.O.D approval New Safety Tread can be used with confidence in virtually any situation. The 33-litre bag will contain most accidental spillages. MOD approval number 0474/7930-99/224-074

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