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      • Macadam
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        Instant road repair. Heat . Or use warm water to soften. Clean area to be filled. Apply leaving centre slightly proud. Flatten. The hole is repaired!

      • cold-pour-jointing-compound-20-ltrs-104-p
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        For coating vertical joints in asphalt and macadam. Painting of vertical surface of joints around patch repairs and trench re-instatements. Suitable for joints around manhole frames, kerb channels and all types of street furniture. Suitable for Crack Repair, aggragates can be added to thicken slightly for wider joints 20 litre container

      • Macadam-Highway-25k
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        Highway is a single pack repair system comprising of a bitumen primer and specially graded limestone aggregate coated with bitumen emulsion and solvent, which is compatible with all asphalt, tarmac, or other bitumen based surfaces. Areas of use Highway is an easy to use, convenient tarmac or asphalt repair kit, designed as an inexpensive way to maintain areas of drives, paths, car parks, warehouse floors or anywhere damaged or potholed areas present problems. Highway should always be applied in sufficient quantities to fill the hole over and above ground level so that the compound can be compacted or rolled down to an even, level finish. Benefits Highway is packaged in convenient, ready to use quantities and you only use sufficient to effect immediate repair and store remainder in the re-sealable, plastic container, eliminating the necessity to purchase large amounts of tarmac from builders merchants etc.

      • ICE FOE
        ICE FOE
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        ICE FOE Melts snow & Ice by thermal action. Turns Ice back to Water. Non corrosive . Leaves reception areas clean and clear. Ideal for metal fire escapes. Does not corrode. Safe on Carpeted areas.

      • Rock Salt White
        Rock Salt White
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      • Salt Spreader 25k -700036
        Salt Spreader 25k -700036
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        Atlas 2 Spinner Rock Salt Spreader Corrosion resistant hopper with stainless steel frame and capacity for 25kg of salt. 3m Spread at walking pace. Variable flow. Pneumatic wheels. Suitable for both white and rock salt. Hopper height: 60cm Wheel to wheel: 41cm Depth: 37cm. Suitable fast way for spreading salt which meets the BS 3247 standard

      • SaltSpreader G&S
        SaltSpreader G&S
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        Ev-n-Spred 2040Pi PLUS Grit and Rock Salt Spreader Specifically designed for spreading ice melt, rock salt, dry sand and other high volume application products. The Ev-n-Spred 2040Pi PLUS spreader is ideal for small area use such as playgrounds and car parks and features a generous hopper with a 25kg capacity. The Ev-n-Spred high volume shut off system, 20 cm diameter pneumatic tyres, rust proof wheels and Ev-n-Spread ice melt gearbox ensures easy movement on frozen surfaces. The Ev-n-Spread 2040Pi Plus Grit and Rock Salt Spreader is the Lightweight and has a solid bar control for easier and more precise control 20 cm pneumatic tyres Reinforced gear box Hopper capacity of 25kg (one full bag of rock salt) High volume output

      • Salt-Grit Bins
        Salt-Grit Bins
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        Strong durable Yellow Plastic Salt & Grit bin. Produced from UV stabilized polyethylene. Strong through-rod hinge system to combat vandalism. Fork lift able from base. 6 cu. ft. Will hold APPROX 8 x 25kg Rock Salt Bags Fork lift able from base. 10 cu. ft. Will hold APPROX 15 x 25kg Rock Salt Bags

      • Snoblade-Grit&Saltsupplies
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        The Snow Blade makes it easy and simple to clear paths and other areas of snow in half the time with half the effort needed for conventional shovelling. Sturdy steel Frame.

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