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      • Bio-Degreser Range -SOBO-QB
        Bio-Degreser Range -SOBO-QB
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        Oil Grease and Traffic Film remover. Quick-break, environmentally friendly formulation makes it ideal for all types of cleaning and degreasing by hand or machine. Gold-Standard status - the highest environmental chemical level issued by the OCNS SOBO Range. The Environmental product on the market Other sizes may be available on request. Please contact us if you have any queries

      • bio odour
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        Enzymatic action, natural and effective odour eliminator. Breaks down organic soiling and stains. Powerful citrus scent, immediate relief from foul smells. Ideal for washrooms and use on carpets. Safe for use on all types of absorbent surfaces.

      • APEXROOF-Seal-fibre
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        APEX; Thick & Thin versions. Thick APEX will repair small holes in roofs and gutters. Contains Fibre for extra strength.. Thin Apex for pour or brush on. Repairs leaking flat roofs. Both very flexible and durable for all weather conditions. Does not crack or shrink

      • Black Sacks -COMPACTA 746653
        Black Sacks -COMPACTA 746653
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        Black Sacks-COMPACTA 30x48x54 250g Box 100

      • Bleach E001
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        Disinfects and kill germs on most hard surfaces, eradicates malodours at source. Keeps drains and toilets clean and sweet smelling. A powerful Industrial strength bleach effective against a wide range of pathogenic organisms. Drains, floors, lavatories and for general disinfecting and cleaning. Directions For general disinfecting: use 1 part to 80 parts water. Use undiluted for toilets and drains. Bleach solution should be used with care and stored safely. Bleach can cause damage to carpets, fabrics, plastic, lino floor coverings and many other common materials. N.B. Do not mix with other cleaners. Keep separate from acids. Do not use on metals surfaces such as stainless steel, chrome, etc 5 Litres If you have any queries then please contact us.

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        Liquidator contains powerful surfactants, emulsifiers, solublizing agents and an effective bactericide which rapidly breaks down and dissolves all natural forms of grease, fats and protein deposits forming an emulsion that can be simply rinsed away with water. Areas of use Liquidator is ideally suited for speedy removal of fat, grease protein deposits or even where animal or vegetable fats are undesirable or create a health hazard such as in food factories, food preparation areas, meat markets, abattoirs, mortuaries, dairies, bakeries and cheese and butter plants. Liquidator is suitable for the treatment and prevention of grease or fat build-ups in sinks, traps and drains and is totally safe to use on surfaces not effected by water e.g. concrete, brickwork, metal, paintwork, plastic, vinyl, ceramics, formica, marble and wood. Benefits Liquidator is effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, is glycol ether free, non toxic, non flammable and fully biodegradable. Liquidator is concentrated and will remain effective even at dilution rates of up to 80:1. Liquidator is recommended for heavy deposits of grease, fat, blood or even carbon at a dilution rate of 20:1. Liquidator is suitable for spraying, mopping or sponge cleaning operations but can be used as a dip tank additive to soak away grease etc.

      • body-fluid-kit-in-plastic-carry-case-244-p
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        Body Fluid and Mercury Specialist spill kits for body fluid and mercury. The mercury kit is an ideal solution for any lab, pharmacy or school. The body fluid kit and absorbent sterilizer are perfect solutions in the office or where the general public is involved. Hard Plastic Carry Case for Body Fluid Kit. Contains. Sterilizing Powder (for 1 litre of Fluid absorption), Disposable Gloves / Disposable Yellow Hazard Waste Bags/ Scoop Please contact us if you have any quieries

      • Inta-Bond pipe Repair
        Inta-Bond pipe Repair
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        Instabond is designed to quickly repair cracks, leaks, fractures, casting & corrosion porosity in metal (ferrous & non ferrous) plastic, concrete and asbestos clad piping carrying water, oil, steam and most gases & solvents. Instabond is an emergency repair & cures in less than 10 mins saving costly down time. Areas of use Instabond has good temperature, pressure & chemical resistance and is quick & easy to use. It has been developed with a new knitted aramid fibre to ease repairs on corner joints, elbows & other shaped fittings. Ideal for permanent repairs requiring max strength & security in the chemical. Power & manufacturing industries. Benefits DIRECTIONS: 1. Shut down pipes & hoses before repair. Clean & abrade lightly to the area to be repaired. 2. To activate the bandage soak in warm fresh or salt water for 10 secs. & squash in the hand whilst submerged. Curing begins immediately upon opening the package therefore it must applied quickly to the repair area. The entire bandage must be used. FOR DAMANGED & CRACKED PIPES:- Wrap the bandage very firmly around the damaged area extending 50mm beyond either side of the repair. Continue to apply pressure to the bandage by wetting the outside of the bandage & moulding in direction of the wrap until the bandage begins to set. The bandage hardens in 10 mins & is fully cured within 1 hr. FOR REPAIRING LEAKS & BLOW HOLES: Cut off 75mm of bandage & force into hole. Wrap bandage very firmly around damaged area extending 50mm beyond either side of repair. Continue to apply pressure to bandage by wetting the outside of the bandage & moulding in direction of the wrap until the bandage begins to set. The bandage hardens in 10 mins & is fully cured within 1 hr. Available in 2.5 x 75m roll

      • plastic bucket
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        10 Litre Plastic Bucket. Various Uses. Style may vary from image. Choice of colours may be available on request. Please Contact us

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