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      • Quickset Patch Repair Mortar
        Quickset Patch Repair Mortar
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        Ultracrete FP1 Rapid Setting Patch and Kerb Repair Ultracrete FP1 is a two-component rapid repair mortar ideal for the reinstatement of small areas such as trip hazards, kerbs and steps where prompt access is required. Can be trafficked within 2 hours, so minimising disruption Application depths from 10-100mm High strength Two-part system, comprising of a fully pre-blended cement/aggregate and a polymer modified liquid admixture Easy to mix on site Patch Repair Mortars Repair mortars that provide exceptional strength and hardness for both internal and external patch and feather applications. Our renowned Ultra Floor Patch IT rapid 45 is a rapid drying, fast set slump free mortar, providing exceptional strength, and a workable time of approximately 5-10 minutes, setting in 20-25 minutes. Combining excellent bond strengths, coverage and a multitude of application suitability, our repair mortars provide the ideal addition to any fast-track flooring project.

      • alloy-wheel-cleaner-297-p[ekm]243x300[ekm]
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        Cleans and shines all types of steel and alloy wheels. Acid based cleaner Formulated to provide rapid removal of brake dust and baked on road grime Pack size: 2 x 5L

      • Anti Slip Treads-Black140x140 764980
        Anti Slip Treads-Black140x140 764980
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        Self adhesive durable tape with a grip surface to be used inside or out. Perfect for stairs, steps, ramps, doorways and all other areas. Anti Slip Treads. Self Adhesive. 140 x 140mm pack 10

      • ARC-Anti-spatter
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        Arc is a quick release lubricant for the rapid removal or prevention of spatter build-up in all welding operations. Areas of use Arc is suitable for use in all welding operations including oxy-acetylene, electric arc welding and M.I.G. welding processes. Arc deposits a uniform film of spatter release lubricant on the surface being welded which allows all deposits of weld spatter to be simply brushed or wiped off after welding. Benefits Arc is non caustic, non flammable and completely free of silicone which means there is no adverse effect when welded materials go for plating or paint treatments. Arc is non corrosive and is completely safe to use on all surfaces, any excess film may be simply wiped off. Other sizes may be available on request. Please contact us if you have any queries.

      • anti-climb-paint-98-p
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      • ION-Anti-Stat Spray
        ION-Anti-Stat Spray
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        Ion is an effective combination of cationic surfactants and alcohol solvents which together completely neutralise the build-up of static electricity wherever it may occur Areas of use Ion can be used to treat areas where static electricity builds up in addition to being used for the prevention of this problem in areas such as, wrapping, packaging or printing as well as on electronic components e.g. Computer and television screens, videos, audio and gaming equipment. Ion is compatible with all plastics and may be applied with confidence to nylon carpets and soft furnishings to prevent discharges of static electricity. Benefits Ion is non toxic, cfc free and safe on all surfaces. Ion totally eradicates static electricity from production machinery thus promoting trouble free running from the problems normally associated with static electricity. Other quantities and bulk discount may be available. Please contact us if you have any queries.

      • Battery Protector-Neutron
        Battery Protector-Neutron
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        Neutron is a blend of surfactants, solvents, anti-oxidants and an acid indicator designed to help clean and protect automotive batteries. Areas of use Neutron finds applications in garages, workshops, transport companies, forklift truck services or anywhere automotive batteries may require cleaning or protecting. Neutron is easy to use, simply spray directly onto battery terminals and casing, leave to work for a few moments and rinse with water or wipe off to clean. A further coating may be applied after cleaning, which will provide a protective barrier. Benefits Neutron quickly breaks down corrosion, oxidation, dirt and grease from battery terminals and casings and has the added benefit of indicating the presence of battery acid by changing colour on contact, thus highlighting cracked casings or other potentially damaging leaks. When reapplied, Neutron will protect batteries from further attack by corrosion or the elements. 500 ml Bulk buy discount may be available. Please contact us if you have any queries.

      • Biozyme
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        A combination of Eco. friendly digestants, to rapidly improve drain flow. Biodegradable: Enzyme action digests organic matter such as: ../ Grease / Oil / Proteins and food waste / Sludge and Scum. / . keeping drain lines free flowing. / Food safe ; NO Acids or Alkalines / reduces Odour. / ..... Dosage ; Approx. rule of thumb. 1 litre covers 1000 sittings. Description Rapid start up of grease traps. Maintains lines clean and flowing. Controls odors. Food safe. For automatic dosing into drains and grease traps. Dosage: 200-500 covers/day - 350ml 500-900 covers/day - 650ml 900-1100 covers/day - 800ml 1100-1500 covers/day - 1000ml Application Designed for preventative maintenance of drains, lines and grease traps. Cleans and sweetens drain lines and grease traps in kitchens, restaurants and food premises. Other quantities may be available. Please contact us if you have any queries.

      • Bio-Degreser Range -SOBO-QB
        Bio-Degreser Range -SOBO-QB
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        Oil Grease and Traffic Film remover. Quick-break, environmentally friendly formulation makes it ideal for all types of cleaning and degreasing by hand or machine. Gold-Standard status - the highest environmental chemical level issued by the OCNS SOBO Range. The Environmental product on the market Other sizes may be available on request. Please contact us if you have any queries

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