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      • BLAST Citrus
        BLAST Citrus
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        LARGE ROOM AIR SCENT. Covers conference and meeting rooms before and after. eliminates stale and smokey conditions. for up to 12 hours. / Covarage approx. 3000 sq ft. Delivers concentrated blast! of odour neutralizing fragrance – ideal for pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, retail premises, offices, trains, buses, coaches, cars, warehouses any anywhere in need of a blast! of freshness. Application ; Blast! has been developed to deliver the ultimate in high-discharge odour neutralizing power. The advanced dry formulation permits use as a fabric freshener as well as a conventional air freshener. directions To revitalize and refresh a room, simply hold the can at arms length with the nozzle facing away from the user. Aim towards the center of the room and depress actuator. Avoid spraying onto naked flames, incandescent material, people or pets. The resulting blast! delivers a fresh, long-lasting burst of fragrance.

      • auto-timed-drain-dispensers-326-p[ekm]300x135[ekm]
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        Electronic or Battery Chemical Dosing Dispensers Our durable, dependable chemical dosing systems are used all over the world – helping customers automate release of chemicals for quicker, simpler and safer operations. A wide range of dosing systems that will work with all sorts of apparatus, from tabletop glass washers to water-cooling towers, We are suppliers how can offer bespoke design service to create a system to suit your needs. Many dispensers come with access codes for added security and enhanced multi-level programming. All products come with multilingual support for overseas clients and the option of brand promotion on the wall-mounted enclosures. We offer training courses on all our electronic equipment as well as telephone support during working hours. Dosing units are ideal for drain dosing with Biozyme in kitchen areas. Set for overnight operation, to give uninterrupted grease clearing capabilities. Please contact us if you have any queries.

      • bio odour
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        Enzymatic action, natural and effective odour eliminator. Breaks down organic soiling and stains. Powerful citrus scent, immediate relief from foul smells. Ideal for washrooms and use on carpets. Safe for use on all types of absorbent surfaces.

      • Bleach E001
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        Disinfects and kill germs on most hard surfaces, eradicates malodours at source. Keeps drains and toilets clean and sweet smelling. A powerful Industrial strength bleach effective against a wide range of pathogenic organisms. Drains, floors, lavatories and for general disinfecting and cleaning. Directions For general disinfecting: use 1 part to 80 parts water. Use undiluted for toilets and drains. Bleach solution should be used with care and stored safely. Bleach can cause damage to carpets, fabrics, plastic, lino floor coverings and many other common materials. N.B. Do not mix with other cleaners. Keep separate from acids. Do not use on metals surfaces such as stainless steel, chrome, etc 5 Litres If you have any queries then please contact us.

      • channel-blocks-3k-13-p
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        PDCB Free Channel Blocks Lemon. Av.150 blocks 20g each. Neutralises unpleasant odours from urinals / TIP: (Suspend from stocking to give a long lasting fragrance in rooms) completely water soluble, so will not block drains. SAFE IN USE. Also; Upon Request ; BIOBLOCKS Enzyme clear pipework blocks. If you have any queries then please contact us.

      • granuals-clay-20litre-245-p
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        Multi-Zorb Industrial spillage absorbent, is a specially produced quality granular clay that absorbs all kinds of liquid spillages without granular breakdown, leaving floors clean, dry and safe. Clay Granuals 20 litre bags. Fast - Reacts to spillage immediately Rapidly absorbs large quantities of liquid Safe Non-toxic, non-abrasive and relatively dust free. requires no special precautions during handling other than maintaining normal housekeeping practices Provides sure footing on slippery surfaces Ideal for use in car bays, machine shops, factory floors, warehouses, oil refineries, packaging plant, garages, forecourts etc If item is not priced or you have any queries then please contact us. Bulk buy discount may be available. Please contact us.

      • exodus
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        1 Litre Exodus is a high impact, concentrated blend of acid and inhibitors designed to clear blocked or slow running drains without the inconvenience of excavation or rodding. AREAS OF USE Exodus quickly attacks and dissolves all types of organic waste matters such as grease, hair waste food, rags, tissue paper and even limescale build up that can and all too often does accumulate in drains, sinks, toilets, grease traps and other waste disposal pipes. Exodus will also relieve blockages caused by seasonal variations e.g. ice in winter and leaves in autumn. BENEFITS Exodus eliminates the need for costly excavation and personal contamination if rodding out should be deemed necessary. Exodus works by chemical action, dissolving all forms of blockages to a mobile state. Exodus then degrades and will not harm septic tank activity. Exodus is safe on ceramic, metal and plastic surfaces, although precautions should be taken against the effects of heating in confined applications. Exodus is a high impact, concentrated blend of acid and inhibitors designed to clear blocked or slow running drains without the inconvenience of excavation or rodding.

      • Mask Odour Contol
        Mask Odour Contol
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        MASK: Eradicates offensives odours on land fill sites, Refuse shutes & Tips Variety of uses can be atomised or used from a bucket. Any bad smells are eliminated immediateley. Long lasting: in PEARDROP / VANILLA / BIO-X / NEUTRALE REOSAN.. MASK is fully Biodegradeable, and does not harm Bug levels in traps and sewage works. Description Neutralises offensive odours from offal dumps. Controls sewage farm odours without impairing the natural enzyme action. Sweetens and freshens drains and settling tanks. Food grade ingredients ensure low toxicity and safety in use. Safe yet effective for nursing home use. Application For refuse tips, dustbins, sewage farms, offal treatment plants etc. Also to eliminate offensive odours from geriatric and incontinent patient care. For general use spray affected area with solution of product in water. Always spray at source of odour. May be drip fed into sewage. Will not effect working of septic tanks. Directions General deodorising: Add Mask to cleaning solutions at 1 part to 80 parts of solution. Spray neat on refuse dumps, garbage and offal dumps. Dilute 1 part to 10 parts water for use in fogging equipment. Use everywhere for a clean long lasting fragrance. 5 / 25 / 205 /IBC PRICE LISTED IS FOR 5 Litres

      • eco.-friendly-toilet-cleaner-389-p[ekm]72x80[ekm]
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        Viscous formula clings longer for more thorough action. Cleans and descales washroom areas. Suitable for use on toilet bowls, urinals and stainless steel. Eco-friendly formulation based on organic fruit acids. directions REGULAR CLEANING: Apply evenly above the water line and around the rim. Leave for 10-15 minutes before flushing the toilet. URINALS: Apply directly to the surface of the urinal with mop applicator, agitate as necessary to remove stubborn stains. Leave to flush and rinse out applicator. N.B. Do not leave neat material in prolonged contact; always rinse off. If you have any quereis then please contact us.

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