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      • Biozyme
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        A combination of Eco. friendly digestants, to rapidly improve drain flow. Biodegradable: Enzyme action digests organic matter such as: ../ Grease / Oil / Proteins and food waste / Sludge and Scum. / . keeping drain lines free flowing. / Food safe ; NO Acids or Alkalines / reduces Odour. / ..... Dosage ; Approx. rule of thumb. 1 litre covers 1000 sittings. Description Rapid start up of grease traps. Maintains lines clean and flowing. Controls odors. Food safe. For automatic dosing into drains and grease traps. Dosage: 200-500 covers/day - 350ml 500-900 covers/day - 650ml 900-1100 covers/day - 800ml 1100-1500 covers/day - 1000ml Application Designed for preventative maintenance of drains, lines and grease traps. Cleans and sweetens drain lines and grease traps in kitchens, restaurants and food premises. Other quantities may be available. Please contact us if you have any queries.

      • Bio-Degreser Range -SOBO-QB
        Bio-Degreser Range -SOBO-QB
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        Oil Grease and Traffic Film remover. Quick-break, environmentally friendly formulation makes it ideal for all types of cleaning and degreasing by hand or machine. Gold-Standard status - the highest environmental chemical level issued by the OCNS SOBO Range. The Environmental product on the market Other sizes may be available on request. Please contact us if you have any queries

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        Liquidator contains powerful surfactants, emulsifiers, solublizing agents and an effective bactericide which rapidly breaks down and dissolves all natural forms of grease, fats and protein deposits forming an emulsion that can be simply rinsed away with water. Areas of use Liquidator is ideally suited for speedy removal of fat, grease protein deposits or even where animal or vegetable fats are undesirable or create a health hazard such as in food factories, food preparation areas, meat markets, abattoirs, mortuaries, dairies, bakeries and cheese and butter plants. Liquidator is suitable for the treatment and prevention of grease or fat build-ups in sinks, traps and drains and is totally safe to use on surfaces not effected by water e.g. concrete, brickwork, metal, paintwork, plastic, vinyl, ceramics, formica, marble and wood. Benefits Liquidator is effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, is glycol ether free, non toxic, non flammable and fully biodegradable. Liquidator is concentrated and will remain effective even at dilution rates of up to 80:1. Liquidator is recommended for heavy deposits of grease, fat, blood or even carbon at a dilution rate of 20:1. Liquidator is suitable for spraying, mopping or sponge cleaning operations but can be used as a dip tank additive to soak away grease etc.

      • carbon-off-nsf-5-litre-degreaser-50-p[ekm]80x34[ekm]
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        5 Litre Container NSF registered Oven & Plant Carbon Remover suitable for the removal of baked on grease and carbon from metal surfaces. Clings to vertical surfaces. Easily applied using trigger spray. Effective ready to use formula. Effective on both cold and warm ovens. No choking fumes. Highly concentrated for lowest overall environmental impact. Viscous formulation allows product to cling to vertical surfaces ensuring better contact time Ready to use formulation Highly effective removal of carbon, and grease deposits Ideal for use on ovens, grills etc . As an oven cleaner and for the fast removal of blood and other baked on food products. Used in kitchens, bakeries, food plant and other areas of food product build up. Directions Always wear impervious gloves. Oven Cleaner will work best when the oven is warm. Switch oven off before application. Apply an even layer of oven cleaner by either trigger spray, cloth or by sponge to the oven interior, leave to act according to the table below. Cold oven Warm oven Light grease 10 mins 5 mins Heavy grease 30 mins 15 mins Baked on grease 2 hours 1 hour. After appropriate contact time wipe off using a cloth and clean water. For very stubborn deposits a second application may be required. N.B. Do not use on aluminium or galvanized metal. Warning: This product is highly CAUSTIC. Always wear protective clothing, gloves and face/eye protection during use. DO NOT APPLY TO HOT SURFACES. If you have any queries then please contact us.

      • RROSC-GROUPSHOT-large
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        RROSC products are designed to remove oil and fuels from hard surfaces such as concrete and block-work. They contain organisms that digest oil products by natural processes. These cutting-edge cleaners form the basis of our highly acclaimed Concrete Oil Stain Removal Kits.

      • de-waterer-moister-displacer-480mil-106-p
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        Description A blend of penetrating solvents, water dispersing agents and corrosion inhibitors. Instantly displaces all water from damp or wet components. Penetrates deeply to prevent moisture traps. Leaves a protective film to waterproof and guard against corrosion. Lubricates - increases efficiency of working parts. Application Pre-spray electrical connections to prevent short circuiting due to water. Can even be used on damp connections to displace problem causing moisture. Penetrates and helps free seized threads and bearings. Protects against further corrosion. Cleans grime from threads and components. Directions For cleaning applications either spray directly onto surface and allow to penetrate and then wipe off, or for more difficult areas use extension tube and a more directional spray to force away grime . N.B. Do not spray on short circuits where sparking is likely. New NSF Food Safe. Bulk buy discount may be available. Please contact us.

      • eco-kitchen-degreaser-5litre-387-p[ekm]72x80[ekm]
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        description Catering and general purpose degreaser. Emulsifies animal fats, grease, oil, blood and protein with ease. Non tainting. Suitable for use on aluminium. Eco-friendly low foam formulation. application Suitable for floors, walls, drains, gullies, and canopies in Kitchens, Bakeries, Restaurants, Hospitals and the Meat processing & Food Manufacturing Industry. Suitable for use in scrubber drier machines. directions Scrubber driers: Dilute product with 80 parts water. Regular damp mopping: Dilute product with between 40 and 80 parts warm water. Regular cleaning by hand: Dilute product with 40 parts warm water. Heavy duty degreasing: Dilute product with 20 parts hot water. Deep fat fryers: soak in a hot (not boiling) solution with 20 parts water for 10-15 minutes. Proper dosage saves costs and minimizes environmental impacts. If you have any queries then please contact us.

      • Trich-Lexsolve-Non Aero Range
        Trich-Lexsolve-Non Aero Range
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        Refined blend of non-aromatic solvents designed to be a safer option than chlorinated or highly flammable solvents. Lexsolve may be used in spray, brush or dip-tank applications for safe removal of oils, grease, wax and flux residues, it can also be heated to 40°C to remove carbon and tenacious deposits from all types of metal. Areas of use Lexsolve can be used with confidence in dip tank degreasing, and may be heated to a maximum of 40 degrees C to improve performance and drying time. Lexsolve is ideal for degreasing hydrolic pumps and rams, electric motors and forklift truck chains. Lexsolve can be used where any heavy degreasing is needed. Benefits Lexsolve is classified as non-flammable, extremely low odour, user friendly, economical and is available in Spray-safe, 5,25 and 210 Ltr containers. 500 ml Spray applicator If item is not priced or you have any queries then please contact us.

      • electrical-spray-cleaner-480mil-109-p
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        Electrical cleaner degreaser. Fast evaporating. leaves no residue Cleaning of electrical switchgear and electronic components. Description A NSF registered fast drying electrical cleaner for use in food and clean environments for cleaning and degreasing electrical components without affecting most painted or plastic surfaces. Fast drying solvent blend Improves conductivity No residue Will not damage most plastics Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free aerosol Economical in use Easily directed spray 480ml aerosol Application Cleaning and degreasing electrical components without affecting most painted or plastic surfaces in food and clean environments. Directions Ensure equipment is isolated from the mains before use. Shake can well and spray from a distance of 15-30cm. Wipe with a lint free cloth or swab. Ensure total evaporation before reconnecting to mains. Test on painted or coated surfaces prior to application for compatibility. Also available in 5/25 ltr Drums. Bulk buy discount may be available. Please contact us.

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